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Apawthic Rosé Candle

Apawthic Rosé Candle

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Subtle sweetness is this scented candle's specialty. With an aroma that is woody and pleasant, it is not hard to see why this candle makes you feel like you've stumbled upon a lost grove filled with roses.

 VTuber Collab with @apawthic with additional art by @dino__desu

7 oz (200g)
~40 hour burn time
3" diameter 3 1/2" height
100% Natural Soy Wax 
When burning your candle for the first time be sure to burn until all the top level wax is melted to prevent tunneling! Be sure to trim your wick to 1/4 each time before lighting! Enjoy your candle!
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Customer Reviews

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T. Elliott
Delightful Stroll

Was very excited to receive the order. Candle was smaller than initially expected. But it's a very good candle. I have burned it between 24-30 hours so far total time & I have a bout a third of the candle left. The scent is also quite nice. Not over powering & not too suttle. Being able to make get a stronger/weaker scent might be a nice option. The art of the Vtuber is cute, & works well with the candle.