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Golden Garden Wax Melts

Golden Garden Wax Melts

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Whether you're seeking relaxation, a touch of coastal charm, or simply a moment of serenity, let these wax melts transport you to a coastal haven, where the sea meets the blossoms in perfect harmony. 

VTuber Collab with @TallyMarrow with art by @AaltaCallisto

2.4 oz (68g)
6 Cubes (~1 cubic inch each)
100% Natural soy wax
Intended for use in wax melter
 Enjoy your wax melts!
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Customer Reviews

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Smells Absolutely Wonderful

I've purchased around 8 or so scents so far, and this ones addicting. Smell fatigue never really sets in and I consistently smell this all throughout the day, and I already miss it now that I'm trying the others. Can't wait to use the other 4 melts uwu